Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Destroying a $500k Rally Car in Two Seconds [Video]

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 Destroying a $500k Rally Car in Two Seconds

All without even touching the steering wheel.

Amateur hour struck recently in Mexico when a crew transporting a very expensive Seat Leon Cupra managed to annihilate the rally car in seconds.

The mysterious new YouTube upload shows a crew winching the Seat a couple of storeys into the air. Tempting fate, one of the voices in the clip asks in Spanish "Do you think it will fall?" moments before the unsecured vehicle rolls off its platform nose-first into the cement, then dropping the wrong way and crushing the roof.

Surpringsly, reactions to the incident are fairly subdued as workers stand around examining their handiwork in disbelief as onlookers begin to trickle in from the sidewalk at what appears to be a hotel. - craveonline


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