Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Saving a Tiny Motorboat with an Giant Atomic Submarine

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big submarine

This post is from Oleg, a blogger based in Severodvinsk – a city port on the White Sea where Russian atomic submarines are being built and repaired. He says that more and more often the huge atomic underwater cruisers are being used to rescue civilian boats that get into trouble in storms. This time he shares the story of the small motor boat being rescued by a big submarine and a helicopter.

Through the windshield of the rescue helicopter, you can see an atomic submarine and a small motorboat together, side by side.

The motorboat was in the open seas yesterday, June 8th, on its trip back to its homeport, and ran into a heavy storm. It fast ran out of fuel and was at risk of being overturned by the stormy wind.

So the atomic submarine moved to rescue the boat.

The submarine was used as a shield to protect the boat from the wind while the helicopter crew passed fuel in canisters to the crew of the submarine.

 A boat and a submarine. You can see them together on this photo.

A safe harbor, shielded by the atomic giant from the stormy weather.

big submarine

After the submarine left and the fuel was transferred into the boat’s tanks, it set off and went on its sea journey. Later, however, the news reported that due to even higher storms the atomic submarine had to evacuate the crew of the motorboat and left the motorboat to drift on the seas on her own.


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